An Uncomfortable Reality.

Not all of us will be ‘great’.

All of us ‘can’ make impact if we desire.


We have been socially conditioned to define greatness as being influential on a large scale or being mirrored on the worlds stage. Truth is not all of us will get to that perceived phenomenal status. For some actually it is after they have transitioned that their ‘greatness’ will be understood.

Impact too may not be global! Or ’televised’. Impact can be that 500 naira you give someone you don’t know and it literally saves them for that moment. Impact can also be your very close friend whom didn’t speak but you somehow ‘knew’ and gave…(not just money yourself maybe).

Now, at some point in y(our) journey to ‘greatness’. You will be applauded, you will be pushed, motivated and all the ‘good’ things.

Best believe, you will also be undermined. May not even come from a place of animosity. Friends not even knowing they are ‘killing’ you because these things are based on perceptions right?

So! Go! Be the best of the authentic you, you can be.

Who knows, In just putting one foot in front of another you will meet greatness on the way.

It’s in the little things.

Love yourself; love your neighbour; love your country, above all these; Love God, He’s the essence of your being.



Social media will make you question if you are enough.

Are you enough? In and in of yourself?

Are you anchored in the One who calls you enough?

Or are you so ’purpose’ driven that you are turning stone to bread?

Are you on the pinnacle of the temple and the world is being shown to you? Are you quoting His angels will watch over me. Or are you saying get thee behind me.

Are you confident. In your ‘enoughness’ in Him who made you.



He’s the essence of your being…


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