Evolution of war..

The war of words that has come to characterize our daily existence is one that gives me a huge pause.

My tool of trade has always been language.

How it is used. How it lands. How it’s perceived. What was in the speakers mind (can never know that); the intention of the message or use of same.

The fact that In Nigeria alone we have over 506 languages/ dialects. – I may not be totally exact-, should at least impress on us that we all will have different lenses through which we view the world.

The Yoruba adage ‘what is a taboo in my compound might be accepted at yours’ captures this phenomenon for me.

What am I trying to drive at with this disjointed post?

The keypad wars that are becoming more and more brazen. People who are friends or were friends. Or in the least acquaintances are quick to cut one another down with statements dripping of such sarcasm you wonder!

The other aspect of this war of words that floors me; is the resort to negative interpretations; even when the message is positive.

2 quick examples. The separation of the conjoined twins in Ilorin. The first comment was the doctor looks so and so & hope the children will survive.

The second was a kind man narrating a story of a beautiful relationship with his neighbour. And again, the first comment was. Good ‘but pray make devil no enter una the devil can use anyone’.

I am going to refrain to comment on what this project of us as humans.

Language and words are so powerful. Very powerful. Can cut down to pieces. Even when veiled in jokes or anecdotes. It can also build up.

The absolute scary thing about words and use of language? You may / can never be able to determine how it will land on the hearer!

I even write that with the consciousness that I may be breaching the exact thing I’m trying to address 🤷🏾‍♀️.

One of my favourite scriptures doesn’t come from all the numerous ’advices’ that Uncle Solomon gave in the proverbs about words and the heart and the mouth. It comes from Uncle Paul’s admonition to Cousin Timothy in his second letter verse 16.

And avoid empty chatter and worthless words, for they simply add to the irreverence of those who converse in that manner

Of Course, feel free to read in other translations.

For Non-Bible readers. I think how I can put it is that before we say, type anything. Let’s work to resolve our biases about the subject.  So we work to near objectivity 🤷🏾‍♀️

Love yourself; love your neighbour; love your country; above all these Love God; He’s the essence of your being.



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